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Plant Based
Laundry Cleaning Products

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Safe for Babies

Our Mission

To create, design and produce
high-quality, innovative products and
creative solutions for busy people.

Prolong the life of your favorite clothes

Made with all natural ingredients, safer 
to use and gentler on fabrics

Fresh lavender

All-Natural Laundry Detergent

Our plant-based fresh lavender detergent removes stubborn stains from grass, grease, red wine, tea, coffee, & other hard to remove stains. It is completely non-toxic, and natural

Plant-based products for people who prefer green living

Formulated with care, safe for the environment

Purely Non-toxic Products

We offer you the greenest options for your lifestyle. Visit our Laundry shop to pick your laundry essentials.


Laundry Hamper/ Organizer

Is it a hamper or organizer? It’s both and more! LUMEHRA FlexBag is the only multi-functional bag that’s a laundry hamper, backpack, travel bag, storage and car organizer all in one.