About Us

“We get you the same level of clean as your regular cleaning products.”

Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and offer creative solutions for busy people by offering innovative, high-quality, hypo-allergenic, multi-purpose, and eco-friendly household products that can replace harmful and toxic products on the market. 

There is one thing we can vouch for and that is, the use of all-natural ingredients in all of our laundry cleaning products. We think it’s very important to use chemical-free products as your regular cleaning routine can unluckily expose you to certain harmful chemicals, so our goal is to save you from that exposure to potential harm by providing you safe, all-purpose options that are ideal for daily use. With that, we assure you that our products will cut through any grease and grime just the same as other products you buy at the store. 


Hi! I’m Anu, and I’m on a quest to mastermind all-natural alternatives that will make your life efficient, close to nature, and a great deal simpler. I consider myself an eco-enthusiast and hence, you will find all our laundry cleaning products to be non-toxic and eco-friendly. Our FlexBag laundry hamper is designed with smart solutions to make your laundry life alot much easier.

I am a full-time mom who is always on the run working to achieve a work/ life balance, without sacrificing my family time. For 20 straight years, I pursued my career in Corporate Finance and left it with a series of mixed emotions to start my own business. I wanted to ensure all our products were tested by families, and I’m happy to say all our products are family tested and approved. Rest assured every product has been thoroughly tested and we promise our products use high-quality ingredients and are designed with busy families in-mind.